Keep Your Closet Fresh with Cedar Hangers

Published: 18th May 2009
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Cedar has been popular for centuries because of its aroma, beauty, and the protection that it provides your clothes. Cedar is a very weather and rot resistant wood. It has many indoor and outdoor applications, but it remains ever popular for closet use.

People have used cedar for hundreds of years to keep moths from eating holes through their wool garments. We now know that moths do not actually eat wool, but lay their eggs on fabrics that have been soiled in some way. It is more common for wool sweaters or coats to be damaged by these larvae, because we tend to wear these items and then hang them again without washing or dry cleaning them first. Even if the sweaters and coats appear and smell clean, the oils from our skin and other unseen contaminants make a perfect habitat for moth larvae.

One way to avoid moth damage is to keep a small spray bottle of vodka in your closet. Mist worn garments that you are not going to clean with a light layer of vodka. Let them air dry. This will kill germs, help break down oils, and hopefully keep your garments fresh enough to keep moths away. Vodka will not harm most fabrics, but if you are using it on ornate, hand dyed or slick fabrics, you may want to spray an inconspicuous test area first.

The best way to avoid moth problems all together is to use cedar in your closet. The aroma helps to deodorize the area. This can be a bonus if you keep your shoes or laundry in the same closet as your clean clothes. Cedar absorbs moisture from the air. This keeps the humidity level of your closet down so that molds and mildews cannot grow and multiply. The scent of the cedar also repels moths so that they will not even consider your clothing a good place to lay eggs.

The best way to incorporate cedar into your closet is to use wood hangers made from cedar. Cedar hangers are very beautiful. The color is rich, the feel is smooth and the wood grain is just breathtaking. You will enjoy all of the benefits of cedar in your closet while adding a sophistication that can only be achieved by utilizing wood hangers.

The beauty and strength of wood hangers is unmatched by any other hanger. Cedar hangers are among the most renowned for their classic look, feel and aroma. The freshness that cedar hangers provide will have you drawing in deep breaths just to enjoy the scent. The air will be fresh, your clothes will be fresh and your closet will look amazing.

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